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The formula for a peaceful and flourishing human race which has eluded mankind from the beginning of recorded history (only now conceivable in our historical context) contains one insight, two principles which follow, and one supporting political framework. INSIGHT: the practical best we can do to attain to truth or reality is the honest respect and humble embrace of one another. PRINCIPLE 1: therefore the INDIVIDUAL’S CONSCIENCE should take its place as the inviolable BUILDING BLOCK (or ATOM) of society. PRINCIPLE 2: as the human being is an individual in the context of community, negotiated by mind, his or her conscience should be informed by local communities REASONING TOGETHER (New American Spring’s forums through citizensactivated.org). And finally, the PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL CONSCIENCE and the FOSTERING OF COMMUNITY NEGOTIATIONS should be ensured through a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC such as our American republic of Checks and Balances, given us by the providential wisdom of our Forefathers.

If you are able and willing to become one of our original Warriors for Peace, you are encouraged to get involved


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